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  1. b3ta's Avatar
    Hey there... wanted to present you a tool called "Floola"

    well its not specific made for running on Linux, it also supports Windows and MacOS, but i think its best postet here...

    Before i had an iPhone i had an iPod mini and Nano 2nd Gen, and up to the iPod Classic every iPod is supported by this tool.

    you can Drag/Drop Songs to your iPod and transfer them back from your iPod to every other Computer u may get.

    Let me know what u think about it, i liked it very much, but ffs it doesnt support the iPhone / Touch so i don't use it anymore =/
    2008-09-03 10:55 PM
  2. lillewis51's Avatar
    this sounds like tannasie ipod copy. it does the exact same thing but i believe it does support the iphone.
    2008-09-03 11:15 PM
  3. ProjectGSX's Avatar
    I tried it a few weeks ago and it didnt work on the iphone.
    2008-09-08 08:23 PM