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    Ever lost your wireless card while running ubuntu and wanted a quick and easy setup to tether to your ipod? I have, so here's a tut to show you how:

    1. Make sure Ubuntu is up to date. I've had some problems with older versions in ubuntu not working with this.
    2. Make sure your ipod is jailbroken and ubuntu can mount it.
    3. Open terminal and run
    iproxy 2222 22 & ssh -p 2222 -D 8118 [email protected]
    This will use iproxy to open port 2222 on your ipod for connections, then ssh into port 2222, open a socks server on 8118, and then log you into your ipod. If you didn't understand any of that, just copy and paste it, then put in your ipod's ssh password. Hopefully it isn't alpine.
    4. Open firefox and go into Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Network>Settings
    5. Now click Manual Proxy Configuration
    6. On the Socks Host: line is the host name and 8118 is the port
    7. Make sure Socks_v5 is ticked, then press OK and close the preference window.
    8. Now type about:config into your url bar, a scary message should come up talking about voiding your warranty. Just skip it. > (I've done this several times and I'm fine, just don't mess around in about:config too much)
    9. Now search for dns and double click
    Setting it to true
    10. ???
    11. Browse the Interwebz!
    12. Profit


    Many thanks to Nikias Bassen and Paul Sladen for making iproxy
    I'm a little teapot. That is sooo damn funny :
    2011-08-17 07:33 AM
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    Since the Internet is a large network composed of smaller networks, it made sense to break the address space into smaller chunks. Network classes enable us to break down this address space.Linux has routing functionality in the kernel itself which makes it an ideal choice for as routing box.One simple way of sharing the internet connection using linux is using the IP forwarding feature of the kernel and network address translation (NAT).Web vulnerability scanning
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    2012-07-02 09:52 AM
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    Well, I agree with natasha90 in that matter
    2012-07-03 02:35 PM
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    Linux program has a very highly effective IP collection designed into the os. Linux program itself has the ability of redirecting your lan to the internet with NAT or System Deal with Interpretation (explain NAT). In the Linux program globe this is often known as IP Disguised.
    2012-09-06 10:29 AM