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  1. chbearsrock's Avatar
    Hey guys..has anyone else here had consistent problems with their 1st gen nanos freezing? It seems to happen to mine at least once a month. By freezing I mean it completely stops responding...the only way I know how to get it working again is to wait for the battery to discharge completely then plug it back in. If anyone has any better tips...feel free to let them be known. I prefer using my old nano when I lift and my 3rd gen when I'm running (lower risk of damage), so my 1st gen nano still gets quite a bit of use. Any advice is appreciated.
    2008-09-06 07:48 AM
  2. lmao's Avatar
    ya i have this problem and i think it happens usually if you have too many songs on ur ipod nano
    2009-05-16 08:36 PM