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  1. oldskoolkid13's Avatar
    So my sis has the old 2nd gen nano n she is getting bored of it(who wouldnt) but doesnt have the coin 2buy a new 1, any1 no of ways i can trick it out for her??? mind you it better b a stable way bc if i mess her ipod up im gonna have to buy her a new 1 lol

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    2008-09-14 01:13 AM
  2. seriously!?'s Avatar
    put a pink screen or lime green screen in
    it makes it look really cool and is a change
    2nd gen nano's don't really have alot of options=| it sucks
    2009-03-01 11:03 PM
  3. JStraitiff's Avatar
    you can change the theme

    or load it up with linux
    2009-03-02 02:21 AM