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    Help! My MacBook died on me and the info on the hard drive was apparently irretrievable. All my contacts are still on my iPod, but I've heard I cannot sync my iPod to my new MacBook, or all my contacts will be gone.

    Most of the music I bought from iTunes, so I don't mind it if my iPod music is deleted, but I do want to have access to my contacts.

    Two questions:
    1. If I sync my iPod with my new computer, will all my contacts be deleted?
    2. Is there any way I can upload my contacts from my iPod to my new MacBook?

    Christmas is coming and I would love to add and update the contacts on my iPod Nano. Any ideas about how to get the contacts on my new MacBook besides re-entering everything into my new computer (which is what I assume I otherwise have to do).

    Hope someone reads this cry for help. It's my first forum entry. I'm feeling slightly desperate.

    2008-11-29 10:25 AM
  2. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    1.) When you sync it *should ask you if you want to merge or overwrite contacts. select merge

    2.) Uh if i rmbr correctly then yes. Make sure the ipod is set up to be used as external hard disk. Plug in. You should see it pop up as a hard disk on your computer. Browse it, open the folder named "contacts" and copy the vcards to your computer
    2008-12-01 07:57 AM
  3. lsudhaus's Avatar
    Thank you so much! I am a little nervous about doing it though, and I don't know how to set the iPod as a hard drive and such, so I'll wait until my son gets home from school and can help me. That would be so great if it worked!!!!

    Re: 2) Sorry, but my son didn't know how to set the iPod to be an external hard disk. Where do I do that?
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    2008-12-01 01:49 PM