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    I have a 2nd Gen IPOD Nano with fully charged battery. Screen shows Apple logo and immediately goes to "Use iTunes to Restore". Plug IPOD into Windows machine; iTunes says "Detected IPOD in recovery mode, must Restore". Press 'Restore' button, screen shows "Extracting software", then "Restoring IPOD". After 1 minute screen shows "could not be restored, error #1418".

    Tried reinstalling ten .dll files on computer without success.

    Tried erasing IPOD and reformatting; then tried Restore with no success.

    Computer recognizes IPOD as connected; Properties show disk is formatted and empty. As soon as I press Restore in iTunes the Nano disappears from the source column in iTunes. One minute later I get the "could not be restored, error #1418" message.

    Any suggestions?
    2009-07-27 04:16 AM