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    Yes, this is true, iLounge has revealed the new iPod dimensions! These blue prints seems to be like the one sent to accessory companies, so that they are ready with all the stuff right on the launch day!

    The new Nano is on a diet with sleek thickness of 6.08mm as compared to 6.5mm of it's predecessor. The height has been increased dramaticallt to 90.74 mm from mere 69.8mm. This one also comes with sharp edges instead of the round ones! The screen is now less wider at just 33.8mm.

    The new iPod Touch, like it's elder brother iPhone 3G, has got curved back and edges. The thickness has increased from 8mm to 8.4mm. The height has increased by a mm but the width is same. Some interesting additions are the new volume buttons on the left side and the change in position of headphone jack from top to bottom!

    This dimesnsion seem to be quite true from the fact that XSKN has also made their new cases on the basis of above dimesions.

    So, watch out for the apple event on 9t September!

    [iLounge via Engadget]
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    those nano blueprints honestly make it seem like it's going to be one very ugly mp3 player.
    2008-09-07 06:13 AM
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    I thought the iTouch already had the headphone jack on the bottom?
    2008-09-07 06:52 AM