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    I went to Apple's site to see the new ipods and was checking out the prices.... I thought the prices would be a little bit cheaper than they are due to the tough times right now... I found this article below and found out that I am not the only one that feels this way....

    "Across the board price cuts announced by Apple on its iPod touch line of digital media players are 'nice,' but may not be sharp enough to drive a sales surge given economic conditions and the more aggressively priced iPhone 3G, according to one Wall Street analyst," AppleInsider reports.

    "American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu, who had previously recommended that investors reset their expectations for Tuesday's 'Let's Rock' event, believes favorable commodity pricing on components such as NAND flash will allow Apple to absorb the new cuts without a material hit to its margins," AppleInsider reports.

    "'As expected, the new second generation iPod touch has a slimmer form factor with lower price points of $229, $299, and $399, respectively for its 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB models,' Wu told clients," AppleInsider reports. "'While we are pleased to see lower pricing, we are concerned that price points may remain too high given the tough macroeconomic environment and relative to the 3G iPhone at $199 and $299.'"

    MacDailyNews - AmTech's Wu warns: iPod touch price cuts 'nice,' but 'may not be enough'
    2008-09-11 07:18 AM
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    yeah i def think they should lower prices all together.
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    2008-09-13 06:04 PM
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    yeah considering every year they keep changing the models
    2008-09-13 06:34 PM
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    i duno wat yous are complaining about , the 229 dollars is converted to 160 euro but because apple loves to rip people off over in ireland its for sale for 219 euro.. 59 euro ( 80 dollars more! ) not fair..
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    2008-09-15 01:01 PM
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    there way cheaper now
    2009-01-16 06:37 PM