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    nvm i got it done with quickfreedome....I was wondering what I can do after it's jailbroken? please let me know someone? thank youu !!!
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    2009-03-19 02:51 AM
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    nvm i got it done with quickfreedome....I was wondering what I can do after it's jailbroken? please let me know someone? thank youu !!!
    Once it's jailbroken you just use it as normal with enhancement hacks that allow you to use it for more than what it normally does when first provided by Apple. Cydia is the package manager and installer is the second resource for (whatever you want to use it as).
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    Steven Myers
    2009-03-19 02:00 PM
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    Maybe he knew before you did? I find out about things very quickly before most people in Apple even do about the releases. It's nothing surprising to me if someone does before myself as information is always lurking open to viewable eyes.
    What does it have to do with me? This person openly admitted that they told her that there was a usable jailbreak before there was. It has nothing to do with when I became aware of it. It sounds like you just needed an excuse to talk about how you know these things before Apple. You don't need me for that just like I don't need you to mention that Nintendo didn't believe that I was streaming Animal Crossing to my Gamecube through a backdoor in Phantasy Star Online. They certainly believed me when it all went mainstream. Heck, in had the potential to boot disc-based backups too but it wasn't discovered until after the hardware BIOS IPL replacement "modchips" were doing it ("Anaconda" was extracted from "Cobra" for "Viper GC"). Oh wait, I guess I did need you as an excuse to mention that! Aren't I pathetic?
    2009-03-20 08:40 AM
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    LOL funny post CZroe. Not taken personally either but very funny :-)
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    Steven Myers
    2009-03-22 05:14 PM
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    hey by doing this it means that when we used to restart our ipod touch 2nd gen so it used to be bricked... but by doing this it wont brick ??????????
    2009-04-12 08:05 PM
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    finally... i was waiting to buy an ipod touch and now i def will.. ty dev team....
    2009-04-14 07:59 PM
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    the code has been released for the "24kpwn llb patch" for a completely untethered jailbreak for the ipod touch 2g. Now this is a bit more involved than you may think because you have to patch the code yourself until the dev team updates pwnage tool.

    "i think the usual iptf crew will be able to use the above patch much quicker than we can coordinate an official pwnagetool/quickpwn release (which involves at a minimum getting wizdaz, planetbeing, and poorlad all on irc at once )

    it will definitely be part of the next firmware spin cycle though. It's just as bulletproof as the pwnage for iphone 1g/3g and ipod touch 1g." -- musclenerd

    if you would like to give this a shot some windows instructions . . .

    [ame=]windows tutorial via iptf:[/ame]

    credit for this exploit goes to: Chronic, cpich, ius, planetbeing, pod2g, posixninja, and co.
    my dear friend hare i cant download can u make a bundule and put it hare because in uae we cant download from thease site.please dear do some thinks,thanks
    2009-04-14 09:52 PM
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