1. wiiwet's Avatar
    wth, why no ipods?? if they want to make super save in the air.
    the passengers need to tied naked on the seat all time till landed, so they can't do any thing stupid.

    after that, we don't need airlines anymore, just private jets, or private super fast ships.

    2009-12-28 11:33 PM
  2. rhekt's Avatar
    Since, allegedly, Abdulmutallab had the PETN concealed in his underwear wouldn't it be more prudent to figure out a way to detect and prevent people from getting it on the planes to begin with instead of how to make it more difficult for them to detonate it?
    i just saw a full body xray demonstrated on the news tonight, that is planned to be put into airports. theres gotta be health and safety issues with that though.
    killall Terminal[]
    2009-12-29 12:18 PM
  3. pyromcr's Avatar
    this wont happen. people would stop flying or they better start showing good movies and make the food better...
    2010-02-19 02:02 AM
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