1. sandstorm77's Avatar
    i would sell it on ebay
    2010-02-25 01:49 PM
  2. chuk12chuk's Avatar
    even though i didnt download CLSOE to the 10 billionth song, i should have won the monies...i deserves its..
    2010-02-25 02:43 PM
  3. extremzocker's Avatar
    this will probably turn up on ebay
    2010-02-25 03:36 PM
  4. steve-z17's Avatar
    It's probably some random person who's never used iTunes and decided to try it then BOOM! $10,000 in iTunes credit! He/She is probably asking friends and family what they want to buy because he/she already bought everything they personally like.
    2010-02-25 04:38 PM
  5. PlatoTheForms's Avatar
    @PlatoTheForms..they had a counter on their site...
    Yeah they did. Bu I'm not questioning the credibility of the 10billionth song; what I'm curious about is whether he works for Apple or not, because statements like "We hit the magic number" and "we surpassed the ten billion mark for songs downloaded from iTunes" include himself in the achievement.
    2010-02-25 09:24 PM
  6. TheOrioles33's Avatar
    this will probably turn up on ebay
    I'm pretty sure Apple will just credit the winners account and there wont actually be a physical card to sell. Just guessing though.
    MacBook Pro i7
    Dell XPS
    2010-02-25 09:30 PM
  7. rhekt's Avatar
    very lucky indeed
    killall Terminal[]
    2010-02-27 09:56 PM
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