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    If you don't have an Ivy League education, perhaps that will now change courtesy of your trusty iPod. Of course, it won't come with a diploma, but it also won't come with a forty-year student loan payment. In this regard, Harvard University's decision to put college course materials on iTunes U is providing many with the first opportunity of their life to learn a few things Harvard style - and without the Harvard price tag.

    This week, the venerable institution of higher learning introduced the program, which connects the masses to free video and audio downloads of all the things you would expect to go down on the campus of Harvard - brilliant lectures, masterful performances, and loads of other snooty stuff designed to intimidate students of "lesser colleges"

    This week, the official Harvard website posted word of the new offering, saying that Harvard on iTunes U allows the University to distribute "world-class educational content to the Harvard community and to the world at large." Harvard is presenting its new digital presence as groundbreaking. And it is - but only for Harvard. In recent years, scores of educational institutions have streamed a wealth of content online, including video series that chronicle entire courses from start to finish. Yale, Stanford, Brown, MIT, and Oxford are among said universities.

    While Harvard has dabbled in digital content for better than two years, most efforts have been directed toward to Harvard student body. This latest endeavor marks a divergence toward a more universal audience, and one that will likely draw more attention to Harvard from individuals who may otherwise have never seen inside the ivory walls that have eluded many over time.
    2010-03-26 08:38 AM
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    Hell yee, #1. That's pretty gangster...
    2010-03-26 08:42 AM
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    Such a great article/post. Thank you!
    2010-03-26 09:59 AM
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    i prefer my own UH education, no thank you.
    2010-03-26 05:20 PM
  5. JacquesChirac's Avatar
    this aint news. all colleges do this. it's a feature of itunes U

    Yale's been doing this for a while and it's really neat cuz I get to rewatch all my professor's lectures on my ipod while I'm walking around or killing time
    2010-03-27 03:07 AM