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    Apple wants to replace your headphones free of charge - that is, those that came with a third-gen iPod shuffle sold somewhere during the year that spanned February 2009 to February 2010. Why the replacement you ask? There's a chance many iPod owners already know the answer to this one.

    The replacement bonanza comes as a result of malfunctioning headphones specially designed to control the iPod shuffle. By Apple's own admission, a "very small percentage of iPod shuffle owners" have complained of dud controls, shoddy performance, and random volume increases and decreases. If your headphones have had any of the above problems, they're not possessed, they're faulty. And Apple wants to replace them free of charge.

    According to Apple, you can find out if your headphones are covered by the replacement policy if they bear any of the following serial numbers that range from xx909xxxxxx and xx952xxxxxx to xx001xxxxxx and xx004xxxxxx. The serial number on the third gen iPod shuffle can be found on the back of the device near the bottom (beneath the clip).

    If you have a pair of these headphones, Apple asks that you take advantage of Apple's Online Service Assistant. Simply select "Replace part or accessory," choose "headphones," and then turn in your serial number, billing/mailing info and credit card information. You'll then receive by mail a pair of replacement headphones and a box in which to return the defunct pair. Apple, however, says that a trip to your nearest Apple retail store will also take care of the problem.

    It should be noted that Apple is not extending warranty coverage of the 3rd gen iPod even though the headphones have been recalled.
    2010-04-20 07:56 PM
  2. lolcats1's Avatar
    Apple headphones are jusr terrible by default. Get some 17$ skullcandies
    2010-04-20 07:58 PM
  3. adp's Avatar
    Yes, I agree Apple has got it all wrong with headphones. I use the Sony in-ear ones. They stay in my ear and don't fall every time I move like the Apple ones. It's about time they update their design and find a way for them to stick, they also are a pain after you wear them too long. It's funny how such expensive devices come with such a basic headphone design.
    2010-04-20 08:12 PM
  4. jdyates's Avatar
    I use Motorola Cliq headphones and blow my iPod's headphones out of the water.
    2010-04-20 08:14 PM
  5. Thijs_Elsman's Avatar
    What, people actually buy the way overpriced shuffle?
    2010-04-20 08:20 PM
  6. Evilsaint's Avatar
    lol excellent they could have made proper ones in the first place rather than replacing them now

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    2010-04-20 08:22 PM
  7. tremerone's Avatar
    I know this is Shuffle headphones, but I have not had any beefs with my 3gs headphones (hand free set). Loud as all hell! But my iPod classic...shot within the first couple of days! I guess Apple should stick to everything but headphones!
    2010-04-20 08:26 PM
  8. ZML's Avatar
    I wonder if this will cover my 3GS in-ears that crapped out on me a few months back..?
    The right earbud would lose sound at random times, but shaking the cord around fixed this for a bit. It finally gave out entirely about a week after that all started. Though, the remote still works.
    2010-04-20 08:47 PM
  9. sziklassy's Avatar
    Apple headphones are jusr terrible by default. Get some 17$ skullcandies
    I agree with the first half of your statement.
    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that way...so I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

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    2010-04-20 09:01 PM
  10. FoneWeasel's Avatar
    Filled out my request yesterday and got the headphones this morning at 8:30am. Super quick on sending them out. Dropped off the old pair to FedEx for return.
    2010-04-20 09:17 PM
  11. flxj21's Avatar
    I wouldn't want to lose the control funtions that the apple headphones have!
    2010-04-20 09:36 PM
  12. iNT3Rv3NTiONZz's Avatar
    Wen will they sort us iphone users? Ive had 2 pairs of the hedfones with controls on and neither work anymore
    2010-04-20 10:03 PM
  13. whereswaldo's Avatar
    I only use apple headphones for the controls
    2010-04-20 10:16 PM
  14. riku98523's Avatar
    I don't use in ear phones anyway. Full ear cover headphones FTW.

    2010-04-21 05:56 AM
  15. r333xxh4v0k's Avatar
    the headphones have always sucked...lol
    2010-04-21 08:21 AM
  16. punklove's Avatar
    um... if your iphone headphones crap out, they are covered under warranty... take them back and get a new pair... I've replaced two pairs under warranty, and one pair was even bought from a bestbuy and apple replaced them when they crapped out. no questions asked... just make a genius appointment if you're still under warranty.
    happiness is a warm iphone~~~~
    2010-04-21 05:53 PM
  17. extremzocker's Avatar
    i like the design and the remote. as for quality and comfort they are pretty bad.
    2010-04-22 08:14 PM
  18. Phillies2606's Avatar
    They need better headphones
    2010-06-08 09:22 AM
  19. hotwheels177819's Avatar
    apple headphones suck imo
    i love skullcandies
    2010-06-25 09:55 PM