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  1. SnowLeo's Avatar
    I like how it says MMi when it boots up (:
    2010-05-19 09:12 PM
  2. lolcats1's Avatar
    but on the ipad isn't a camera!!!
    if it makes you feel any better. the ipod touch 1st gen was even worse
    2010-05-19 09:15 PM
  3. Raptors's Avatar
    Vietnam has been killing it with leaks lately!

    But truthfully, I find iPod touchs with a camera very pointless, just like the nano with camera.
    2010-05-19 09:22 PM
  4. TheDirtyDiddler's Avatar
    Oh Apple and their way behind schedule camera tactics.
    2010-05-19 09:24 PM
  5. Zeal's Avatar
    z0mg this is teh fake china
    2010-05-19 09:33 PM
  6. mudslag's Avatar
    whats with the fugly icons?
    2010-05-19 10:19 PM
  7. Lexus2JZ's Avatar
    whats with the fugly icons?
    wow, re-read the 1st post and you would know.
    2010-05-19 10:46 PM
  8. mytran80's Avatar
    Steve will have the US invading Vietnam over the leaks of these products
    And yet we will lose again

    The communist has done it again
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    2010-05-19 10:58 PM
  9. extremzocker's Avatar
    why the hell would they take out the camera after adding one??
    2010-05-19 11:07 PM
  10. Junetown's Avatar
    Mann vietnam is awesome for this Mann! They don't care they're like kamakazi apple stealers they don't care if they die! Lol
    2010-05-19 11:33 PM
  11. whereswaldo's Avatar
    vietnam is on a roll
    Name? whereswaldo
    iDevice + Firmware? 32GB Black iPhone 4 iOS 5.0
    Computer + OS? Dell Inspiron 15R 2nd Gen i5, 2.3 Ghz, 750GB HDD, 8GB RAM Windows 7 HP
    Location? Toronto
    Found yet? No
    2010-05-20 12:14 AM
  12. Mike_7318's Avatar
    i dont understand what they are trying to prove
    Thank you spirit JB for 3.1.3 !!!
    2010-05-20 12:36 AM
  13. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
    How in the world did these Vietnamese people get their hands on them?!
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2010-05-20 01:06 AM
  14. mortopher's Avatar
    I don't think anyone was ever doubting the legitimacy of it being an actual Apple production, moreover whether or not it was a prototype from years past or one for the forthcoming model.
    2010-05-20 01:30 AM
  15. baotut's Avatar
    Well, I really don't believe what Tinhte (or any tech forum in Vietanm) post unless I hold those devices in my hand. Go to Vietnam, live there for at least 2 years then you'll understand what I mean.
    2010-05-20 03:08 AM
  16. leletyM3's Avatar
    Interesting how all those new devices are in VN
    2010-05-20 04:41 AM
  17. Cer0's Avatar
    Please keep politics out of this. There is no need for that discussion in this thread.
    2010-05-20 05:00 AM
  18. George Lopez's Avatar
    2010-05-20 06:32 AM
  19. Jomann's Avatar
    I have dreamed for an ipod touch with a camera! now it may arrive this September, if so I am buying it first day! They possibility's with a camera is endless. I hope it's going to be 3mp at least.
    2010-05-20 06:49 AM
  20. CONVBMW's Avatar
    The Viet-cong ain't scared of apple! Lol

    Easy with your racial slur.

    Please keep politics out of this. There is no need for that discussion in this thread.
    Agreed. Especially in regard to the isolation of a how "these" people or the innuendo that the person showing it is a communist.

    Its unfortunate that in todays day and age, on this site, that there are people in the world that cant think outside of the box that they live in.
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    2010-05-20 09:00 AM
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