1. whereswaldo's Avatar
    Maybe this is why it's wifi only
    2010-07-16 02:11 AM
  2. southfrisco's Avatar
    It makes sense to have this ability with the next gen iPod touch and second gen iPad. So I guess for those devices facetime will be added to the contacts app (since there is no phone app for those devices)?

    Right now it is much more elegant on an iPhone 4. Using emails is a little messy but I think they should consider how Blackberry handles their BBM (messenger) service. Give each "i" device a PIN number for facetime. Give that out to your friends who have "i" devices. When you want to facetime with someone with a capable "i" device just enter the Phone app (for iPhone 4) or Contacts app (for iPad and iPod touch), select contact and click facetime (with an associated pin number). The request is pushed via wifi to the recipient and if they are available they enable facetime again via wifi. That would work perfectly and the only hassle would be passing out your personal facetime PIN.
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    2010-07-16 11:46 AM
  3. Xtremeiphone's Avatar
    facetime on the ipad will be great
    2010-07-16 01:49 PM
  4. inyuke's Avatar
    okay this is just getting out of hand...
    1. the ipod is for music needs not social networking (phone)
    2. The ipad i support due to the fact it will server as a "webcam".
    3. I hate it how people with ipod touches will think htye are like iphones.. and it is annoying when people come up to you and ask .. "is that and iphone or ipod?" im like dude get it right! its an iphone!
    4. This is not logical due to the fact that it will basically be like a cheaper iphone.. which is absurd.. i want the features to be on iphones not some music player product.. want to see those on a product that i paid for way more!
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    2010-07-16 09:45 PM
  5. bholloway's Avatar
    2010-07-28 04:58 AM
  6. tomobe's Avatar
    I am thinking change new one
    2010-08-12 06:28 AM
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