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    OK this is pretty sweet, but I'm going to say this one time and one time only: STOP POSTING RUMORS! When there's solid evidence, present it. Not before. One of the main reasons I left this community
    If you are looking for a source of news and information on the iPhone, iPod, iPad and other wondrous gajizmos without rumor or speculation, I suggest: Apple

    Unfortunately, pretty much every other site dedicated to these devices is going to have a lower standard of accuracy and validity. The vast majority of Apple "news" will probably always be rumor and gossip because of Apple's notable lack of press releases on upcoming products, or status reports on existing products, services, developments.

    Without the rumors you have basically, nothing. Perhaps an occasional news blurb about a new case mod, or App Store release. A once or twice annually update on "The Good Word" directly from Steve Jobs himself.

    I'd agree that the site has MUCH that could be improved on. News reports based on totally baseless random wild speculation could be better labeled as such, to distinguish them from news reports based on somewhat more reliable sources. A piece sourced from the paper edition of the Wall Street Journal might have a different pedigree than one sourced from IRC chat logs, say.

    Some indicator in the subject line, perhaps?

    Didn't we hear this last year? And the year before? It's not happening, and it shouldn't
    love messany or not,
    he's a funnel for things most of us wouldn't have heard of if he weren't funneling.
    The format of MMi appears to be pretty stable for now, and regardless of my opinions, that's probably for the better.

    I'd love messany more if he posted in the comments section, more.
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    2011-07-09 07:18 AM
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    I thought bout that too but that would be stupid. Who would buy an ipod touch with 3G if you can buy an iphone? They would be the same only that you cannot use your ipod as phone.
    2011-07-09 11:27 AM
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    Many of u say "wouldn't this be an iPhone after this Refresh" it would but your forgetting the crucial fact that if AT&T and other providers choose to convert or stay (in At&T's and Verizon's current state) at capped Data connectivity this would be very costly so ya it'd be an iPhone but your just paying possibly twice as much for connectivity & the device itself given the fact that t already cost more than an iPhone 4 16 GB at $199 for an iPod Touch 8 GB at what $229?
    2011-07-09 11:39 AM
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    The existence of iMessage makes this much more believable now.
    2011-07-09 04:00 PM
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    Wouldn't it just be a phone after that? Get Text Know, and pay $15/mth for 500 minutes and unlimited texting. When i had that before my phone, i was always trying to devise a plan to have 3G on my ipod so i could turn it into a phone.
    Why would people pay for texting when there are other apps that do it for free?

    I don't see the point in this. I really don't. Its an iPhone without the phone part......and since most people will want or need a cell phone anyway.....why buy a separate device that does the exact same thing the iPhone will?

    I can understand the iPad....but a 3G Touch is unnecessary.

    Hello skype, why pay for phone service when you could have just a data plan and access to a number of VOIP services. So yes many people could find this necessary. Like me.

    I thought bout that too but that would be stupid. Who would buy an ipod touch with 3G if you can buy an iphone? They would be the same only that you cannot use your ipod as phone.

    More facepalm, read my other post. Buying a iphone means you are in a contract for 2 yrs with a over priced bill. Buying a ipod 3g means a much cheaper data plan that you CAN make phone calls from.
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    2011-07-10 01:26 AM
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    It would be a great buy for me , as I use 4th gen as a phone if my phone dies but u need wifi and google voice app
    2011-07-11 04:33 AM
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    I'd wish to own a music player not tired to iTunes or Amazon but syncs with any. Currently I use Panamp iPhone app. It has basic iOS music player features, and it is outstanding by it's ability to make dynamic queues: quick mix of selected tracks and power search that quickly and efficiently find the artict, album and tracks. Most compatible with iTunes collection. And developers are planning to integrate iCloud in the fall (import tracks over both Wi-Fi and 3G)
    2011-07-30 06:25 PM
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    waiting for it
    2011-10-09 01:14 PM
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