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  1. Akshay Masand's Avatar

    Apple has been rolling out new commercials for their products and competitors seem to be doing the same. The timing is no coincidence as the holiday shopping season is about to break loose. The new commercial released by the Cupertino giant is based on the iPod Touch.

    The commercial flaunts the white model that was just introduced alongside the iPhone 4S. It’s called “Share The Fun” and Apple demonstrates some of the new iOS 5 features such as native tweeting and iMessage. It also focuses on showing the revamped Game Center, which was an addition to last year’s iOS 4 release but is now improved with iOS 5. Last but not least, the company also touched upon FaceTime on the iPod Touch as well.

    I personally couldn’t help but think about Samsung’s Galaxy S II commercial when watching this one. What did you think of the commercial? Share any thoughts below!
    2011-11-24 11:16 PM
  2. Aznjonathan23's Avatar
    awesome commercial
    2011-11-24 11:24 PM
  3. MMCat's Avatar
    im sooo ready to buy another ipod and this white one is perfect, my old ipod3g is sooo outdated!!!
    2011-11-25 02:30 AM
  4. rkswat's Avatar
    awesome commercial
    You think? I look at those.... I really have no clue "what" they are but they look nothing like any one I know. I know of no one that actually wears skinny jeans (that isn't a female or ***) and ..... well basically there is no and. Sorry but for me that commercial is really annoying.

    I know they're going after a certain demographic but maybe they should be marketing such devices to the parents that buy them for their kids and not the cliche that every one thinks apple owners are. This commercial actually reinforces what every non apple user believs an apple user is, IMHO anyway.
    2011-11-25 03:32 AM