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    On Thursday, Apple made some notable changes to its iPod touch 5g lineup, starting with a new 16GB model, which is available for $199 on Apple's Web site. The new 16GB iPod touch 5g comes with a rear-facing 5 megapixel iSight camera and comes in all of the colors available for the 32GB and 64GB models, including Space Gray, Silver, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and (PRODUCT) Red.

    The exciting new add-on to Apple's device lineup on Thursday replaces the mundane attempt to offer a 16GB iPod touch 5g in the past, which was only available in plain-Jane gray without a rear-facing iSight camera, and would cost the user a whopping $229. This model, lacking camera hardware and still remaining expensive, seemed like an obvious flop.

    In addition to the new 16GB iPod touch for $199, Apple has slashed the price on its higher-end iPod touch 5g models, including the 32GB and 64GB models, which are now $249 and $299 respectively, which allows potential customers to get their hands on models with more storage space at a much fairer price.

    All models of the device still come with a dual-core A5 chip, which debuted in the iPhone 4s, and a four-inch retina display. The iSight camera included with the device can record video in 1080p high definition. iOS 7 is included on all new iPod touch 5g units.

    To find more information or to buy Apple's new 16GB iPod touch 5g, you can head over to Apple's Web site at this link.

    Sources: Apple
    2014-06-26 02:08 PM