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    9to5Mac has recently reported that Apple’s iPod Shuffle supply is decreasing in Apple retail stores as well as Apple Online Stores around the country. The current price of Apple’s iPod Shuffle is $49 and ship times have been pushed back to 7-10 days on the website. 9to5Mac has stated:

    According to multiple sources, supplies of the iPod Shuffle are dwindling across Apple’s physical retail and online channels. In fact, Apple has warned its retail employees that Shuffle supplies will be short for an unspecified period of time and that customers seeking to buy a Shuffle via a retail store should be directed to Apple’s online store.
    Other iPod lines like the Touch and Nano however, are not having the same effect as the iPod Shuffle. Apple’s website is showing that the Touch and Nano both have 24 hour ship times and are both available in stores around the country. Last year Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that the iPod was a ‘declining business’ and therefore has not updated the iPod Shuffle since September of 2013.

    The most effected city of the iPod Shuffle supply shortage was noted to be New York City with Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco having random stores without supply. Apple has yet to comment on the shortage of iPod Shuffles, so it is still unknown as to why this is happening.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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    2015-01-08 07:14 AM