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    Earlier today, we reported that Apple’s newest iTunes 12.2 release included some high resolution images of the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle in new colors that Apple is not yet offering. Now, rumors are circulating the web saying that Apple may be releasing the new colors in the iPod lineup sooner than expected, on Tuesday, July 14th. These rumors began because Apple’s Calendar app on the images read ‘Tuesday 14.’ Although it did not show which month, many are speculating two weeks from now as July 14th falls on a Tuesday.

    More often times than not, Apple doesn’t just ‘coincidentally’ or ‘accidentally’ market things they do not plan on following through on. For example, when the company first introduced the Apple Watch, all promotional images had a Monday 9th date. The iPhone 6 also had a calendar set to Monday the 9th and the event was held last year on Monday, September 9th. So based on Apple history, the company’s marketing strategies have been extremely similar.

    Although this is not enough proof to base any product release on, it is enough to keep customers guessing and on edge. One reason we feel this may not be the case is because July 14th is just two weeks away and the company has yet to mention anything regarding the iPod lineup. Apple usually announces something much more in advance than just two weeks, but our beliefs could be wrong. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the company does.

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    2015-07-01 10:52 PM