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    The team over at iFixit has torn down Apple's latest iPod touch, the 6th generation of the device that was released earlier this week alongside other refreshed iPods with new colors, a refreshed A8 chip, 1GB of memory, improved cameras, improved wireless technology, and more.

    The teardown was performed on a (PRODUCT) Red version of the device, which has a white-colored front bezel:

    The new iPod touch doesn't have a Touch ID sensor. It has the all-too-familiar Home Button, which is leaving many people disappointed with Apple's decision to leave what feels like an ancient relic on a new device. But then again, Apple has to keep people buying iPhones instead of iPods somehow.

    After opening the new iPod, the new battery is revealed:

    The battery is upgraded from the previous model, but not by very much. It gets a 1043 mAh battery, which is a marginal bump up from the previous generation's 1030 mAh battery. It likely won't have any noticeable impact on battery life, but the extra power full feed the new A8 CPU with the M8 motion co-processor along with other upgraded hardware in the device. The new CPU, along with the 1GB of memory are pictured in the logic board image below:

    The new iPod touch received a repairability score of 4 out of 10 because it's difficult to get the case open due to a bunch of clips and fasteners holding the device closed, a myriad of soldered parts making replacements difficult, and complex cable routing making mistakes more likely. On the flip side, the new iPod touch does have a battery that's easier to remove thanks to pull tabs underneath the battery.

    Source: iFixit
    2015-07-17 05:48 PM