1. devils09's Avatar
    My iPod will turn on, but will not get past the apple screen. The apple screen that appears after restarting your iPod. So I can restart it to fix the problem. Also when I hook it up to iTunes it will come up, but soon disappear. Restoring the iPod is out of the picture too.
    2008-11-18 11:04 PM
  2. cricketlang's Avatar
    ehhhh. i had this problem too. i tried restoring and hacking with Ziphone when i had the issue and it worked for me the FIRST time but after that i just had to take it into the apple store and they straight up gave me a new one. i told them that this happened when trying to update to the new firmware....try putting it in DFU mode. if you dont know how to do that please ask or look around. then try to do a restore.
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    2008-11-18 11:09 PM