1. Baz191's Avatar
    Hey guys

    Got an iPod Touch 1G, got the extended warranty with it too. However, recently i left the iPod on charge, came back to it and realised it was scortching hot and there seemed to have been a crack on the screen. Now, i have experienced this problem before with an iPod Nano 1G and Apple was very quick in replacing them as apparently it was a problem with the manufacturing.

    Now, i'm reluctant to call Apple, since i will probably be told this is my fault (as i have no way of proving its a manufacture problem)

    So my next question is, since its only the glass lens that has cracked (Digitizer/Touch screen still works) is it simply changing the glass lens and everything will be spick and span?

    Does anyone know or have any videos as to how to change the glass lens on the iPod Touch 1G?
    2008-12-02 06:18 PM
  2. DJSMITH's Avatar
    A hairline crack (a single crack with no spiderwebbing) will be replaced by apple. If you want to replace the glass yourself replacing it on a 1G touch/2G iphone is near impossible. I was only able to pull all the glass on my phone because it was cracked everywhere, and I still screwed up a little because there's a dark spot in the backlight in one of the corners, as well as some solvent marks behind the digitizer, but they're only visible from the side.
    2008-12-03 09:46 PM
  3. mojoman5000's Avatar
    do u think if i have a jail broken ipod ,restore it and go to apple they will fix it
    2009-11-30 10:40 PM