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    I need help with this problem and I would very much appreciate it if someone could please help me.

    Basically, Ive jailbroken my iPod touch a while ago and I jailbroke with the untethered version today. There were a few minor problems, but nothing that I couldnt fix and it then worked fine. Thing is, I hadnt chosen a boot logo, so I got a random one, so I went back to the jailbreak helper and re-did it.

    Thats when it went wrong. It isnt completely bricked (So im really, really hoping its fixable) But it wont start up, and when plugged into computer, I get the "device not recognized" and it is not recognized by iTunes.

    BUT, I can put it into DFU, and if I open iTunes then, I get the "iPod in recovery mode. Needs to be Restored" message.

    So, I tried clicking just restore, because I didnt care about the jailbreak, I just wanted it restored. But as soon as I clicked the button, I got, "Software for this ipod is not currently available. Make sure you have latest version of iTunes." I removed iTunes, and installed again, but same message.

    I tried shift+click restore, and selected the jailbroken firmware, and it goes like normal for a while, but then during the restore, while it says "preparing ipod for restore" I get Unknown Error 1601, an unknown error has occurred, etc.

    I even tried to re-jailbreak it with the jailbreak helper, but when it gets to the restore part, I get unknown error everytime.

    Ive been researching on the internet for hours, and I have no idea if theres anything else I can do. Please Help?
    2009-03-16 01:16 AM
  2. lensam's Avatar
    All is not lost so dont throw it away yet. There is a program I downloaded to get my daughters ipod working again when it froze called voltage.rar. you will need WinRAR to run it. you put it in DFU mode and it will reboot it
    2009-03-16 03:17 AM
  3. JStraitiff's Avatar
    to restore just get the 2.2.1 original fw and shift click restore and it will work
    2009-03-16 03:19 AM
  4. lensam's Avatar
    I had the same problem it wouldnt let me get that far unless I missed something.....Kim check your PM's
    2009-03-16 03:33 AM
  5. iKim's Avatar
    With some help from lensam I was able to restore
    Im restoring from backup as we speak.
    I thought id tried everything, I guess not.
    But thanks for the help, and for replying, I appreciate it.
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    2009-03-16 09:11 AM