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  1. nubson's Avatar
    I use an iPhone 3gs that's jailbroken and lately I've been surprised by an annoyng problem with safari and streaming on sites like YouTube and such. on YouTube, sometimes as the video loads, the screen is pushed vertically rather than landscape, and when it's finished loading and plays, it only plays sound and there's no video. also on some other streaming sites, the page gives me options to either download to downloads folder or to play the media using QuickTime? o.O.... I use the option to play from QuickTime to do streaming but ts also very weird and annoying to do that everytime...

    Im thinking maybe one of my apps interfere with it? or maybe I have like an iPhone virus that's trying to piss me off any ideas would be great

    2009-09-06 08:04 AM
  2. StealthBravo's Avatar
    what site?
    2009-09-06 08:10 AM
  3. nubson's Avatar
    hmm well an example used to be for veoh... but now for veoh I get "not found (error to origin)"
    2009-09-06 08:26 AM