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    now when i say wont turn on i mean wont turn on ... not ooo it gives me a white screen or it just hangs at the apple screen no NOTHING!! sooo i figure im in for calling apple but here is the catch it is jailbroken.. can they still find out that it is jailbroken even if it WILL NOT turn on at all ( pushed every button and helled every button tryed every method i could find even when it is pluged in to the computer not a thing) and if they do realize it what will they do

    2G iPod touch
    2009-09-15 07:05 AM
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    Are you referring to an iPod touch?
    2009-09-15 02:40 PM
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    2G iPod touch
    yes i am
    2009-09-15 07:20 PM
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    try taking it in if they can see that it is jailbroken they wont mark your file or anything you can still try to get it unjailbroken after that and take it in again. might be worth trying to restore it without the screen but i doubt it will do anything....

    on 1.1.2 this was happening and i used the old thing where you hold both buttons for 15 then let go of the power button while olding onto the home buttons still you plug the ipod into the computer.......im almost positive mine was different though because i was messing with ssh when it happened(not smart)
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    2009-09-16 01:04 AM
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    yea but see the thing is it is completely unresponsive when plugged into the computer doesent react in anyway and the computer doesent even recognize that it is hooked up doesent show in device manager or itunes.... it is basicly a 400$ paper weight not even a flash light NOTHING... its upsetting

    soo i called apple cause i live in Canada and there is no apple store near me closest one is like 4 hours away i live in windsor..

    soo i have to mail it to them and then i figure if they are able to access it they would have to turn it on and hopefully that means i may be able to fix it and maybe it will be soo messed up that they wont be able to access the files ....

    iv read that if they do get a jailbroken iPod they just send it back with a letter saying that the warranty is voided and that the will not and no longer fix the iPod and right now it doesent even come on or do anything at all . sooo i figure what do i have to lose
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    2009-09-16 02:23 AM