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  1. KibzKay's Avatar
    my ipod touch(1stgen)has had some problems but they all were fixed via restore but now when i connect it to my laptop it doesnt show up in itunes, but it is chargeing and the laptop reconizes it in computer/portable devices, so i havent been able to sync my music or stuff. how can i fix this? plz help
    2009-11-21 02:04 AM
  2. IUiPodRepair's Avatar
    First thing I would try would be to power down the iPod (hold power button, slide to shut down). Once it is completely shut down, while holding the home button, plug it into the USB. This will put the iPod into restore mode.

    If the above didn't work, I would boot the iPod into DFU mode (do a google search / youtube search).

    If neither of those worked, I would try a complete clean install of iTunes.

    If none of the above worked, I would assume there is a hardware issue.
    2009-11-23 02:00 PM
  3. KibzKay's Avatar
    yeah the restore worked and yea its back up thanks
    2009-11-25 12:52 AM