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  1. kdog679's Avatar
    Yesterday I jailbroke my Ipod Touch. Earlier today, Cydia refused to open. I could still use rock, but cydia would get the loading circle after being pushed, and then close itself out. I performed all the updates on it last night, but it is still not working. This also happened with my brothers itouch. Is there any way to fix it, or prevent the problem from happening again?
    2009-12-28 09:13 PM
  2. ProgramErrorX's Avatar
    You could try re-installing cydia using mobile terminal or your ssh terminal run the commands
    apt-get remove cydia
    apt-get install cydia
    that should re-install it
    if that doesn't work i have a long way to do it that worked on mine but try this way first
    2010-03-19 07:38 AM