1. peterparker5081's Avatar
    found it on the subway so no way of finding the owner

    i would hand it into lost&found but the staff just cherry pick what they like from there for themselves anyway so maybe if i can unlock it i can find out who's it is, and if not then atleast use it myself

    cant rstore with itunes says its sync'd with another itunes

    i tried blackra1n did nothing
    and i cant get it into dfu mode i tried a few times

    any ideas please ???
    2010-10-12 11:37 PM
  2. rackstar's Avatar
    Bring to apple store. You are being tracked by plugging it in to your computer, FYI. If you tried to sync it congrats it is flagged by apple as stolen. If they have mobile me and track it you might just have the police come knocking. If u didn't plan on keeping it, why would u need to unlock it? Apple would gladly return it to the owner
    2010-10-17 04:42 AM