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    I know its a bit of an obvious question and you'll probably be thinking just go cydia>manage>soruces>edit>delete but its not there.

    The source im trying to get rid of is: repo.packagerrepo.com

    Im not sure if its the problem but wenever i try to add another source or install something else from cydia it gives me a ton of crap like "Bad URL" and the it comes up with a big *** error message with

    "GPG error: repo.Packagerrepo.com --- the following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2" With a load of other info

    can i delete it by ifile or winscp? If so pls comment thanks

    EDIT: it lets me install stuff but just gives me a ton of hassle and only sometimes it says i cant install things (probs due to the fact i need other sources but im not sure)
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    2010-10-25 08:39 PM
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    Kill Cydia from multitask
    If you can use iFile(not required)

    Edit Cydia.list

    Reboot iPhone

    Please thank me on site if I've helped
    2010-10-25 08:44 PM
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    ok, going back on cydia to see if it still comes up... i will thank

    also.. how do i get the icons to have no text with a theme on? i have the rainbow apple theme but when i press no undocked icon text, nothing happens?
    2010-10-25 08:52 PM