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    Hi there,

    Im replacing an LCD screen on an ipod touch 2g. When I replaced the screen, the back light was working just fine. I put the screws back in, about to close it, then realize the backlight isnt working anymore. When I took the screws out.. It worked, then it didn't.. Now its deciding not to work at all for me. Ive tried two different LCD replacements as well. Any help?

    Also.. when I was repairing the LCD and detaching the LCD clip, i noticed that there was a tiny golden piece that came off that was sitting to the right of the clip, almost the size of one of the tiny screws. I believe it is related to how the home button is used. Can i just solder that back on and it will be fine?

    Thanks for all the help
    2010-11-03 07:01 PM
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    the home button thig is just the spring for it, no need to solder just make sure that its in place...as far as the lcd goes, try restarting the device once its put together..this happened to me before and all i did was restart it and it worked normally
    2010-11-03 07:10 PM
  3. Andr0id75's Avatar
    Is there anyway to restart the device without the digitizer? Such as maybe connecting it to the computer and restoring?

    The part about the spring is that is that it wasnt really.. clipped in there. It looked like it was indeed soldered on there, so im just curious as to how I would put it back.

    Another thought on the LCD problem.. The golden looking foil thats supposed to wrap over that LCD.. Is it needed? I kind of ruined it by taking off the previous LCD.
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    2010-11-03 07:13 PM