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    Hi everyone. My apologies for a long post in advance, but really need your help with this issue, and hope some kind sole will take me through the steps, instead of screaming rtfm. Thanks for the time and help in advance.

    Here is an overview of what the problem is ...

    I bought my kid an ipod touch 3g, unfortunately it was MC version, but with 3.1.2 firmware on it. I've used Spirit on it, installed cydia and all was well...

    The day the battery died, my kid plugged it into the laptop to charge it, and while it was charging, he clicked on blackra1n icon on my desktop... yeah, i know The ipod now is stuck on "connect to iTunes" logo and reboots itself, but back to the logo. Every attempt to put it into DFU mode completely failed, I would hold the "home" botton while pressing on Power, but before 10 seconds are up, ipod will reboot and will go into "restore" mode again.

    After spending some time mocking around with iTunes, and installing and re-installing it, I have it at version 9.1.1. iTunes recognizes the ipod, and says that it is in a restore mode, however, every attempt to upgrade/downgrade the firmware came up failed. I would get an error something like "the wrong build" and while I've downloaded two firware versions from felixburns.de, and used shift+Restore, or by using restore button by itself, after going to verify an upgrade with apple, I get the error and nothing else. I've also edited host file for saurik's server, because I did press "make my life easier" in cydia, still nothing.

    I've also ran blackra1n while this pos in a loop, and after geos picture appears, the screen dims a little, then 10 min later, I get same gd "connect to itunes" logo. I've also tried iRecovery, and was able to connect to it, although the prompt came back as $iPhone, which was wierd, but I was able to send a "reboot" command and see the screen go black, but then it came back to "connect to itunes" logo.

    I would hate to think that he made an expensive paperweight, so any help with this issue would be much appreciated. Again, thank you for your time and help in advance.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours
    2010-12-28 10:43 PM