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    Hi so i have been having a crash problem with most of my apps for my ipod touch 2gen. im running the 4.2.1 i believe it is jailbroken. i have a couple of themes im not useing right now. i had unlock all features on but turned it off and it still keeps crashing im ready to throw it out a window. lol all and any help is greatly appreciated. Also before i jailbroke it it was crahing a lot to.
    2011-03-20 07:57 AM
  2. iGood's Avatar
    your memory is probably very low and when you enter an app it crashes. Delete files that take up alot of ram, like skype,fring,mail etc...or just download SBsettings and the toggle on cydia and click processes and free up memory. If RAM is not your problem then I don't know. Maybe you should get a new ipod touch? LOL
    2011-03-20 06:09 PM
  3. Nickusaqw's Avatar
    Ok that seems to be helping but i have another question. Is there any way to remove apps like game center mail etc.?
    works on small motors pm for any questions
    2011-03-20 06:29 PM
  4. iGood's Avatar
    If you don't care about mail and game centre then just ssh into your ipod with WinSCP or cyberduck or whatever program you use to ssh into your ipod, and locate mail.app and gamecentre.app and remove them. Not sure which folder they're in though.

    But NOTE: You cannot get the apps back. Ever! So be careful. I would say it's not worth the risk. You can also get help from the apple store. But first restore your ipod to factory settings because they won't help you if it's jailbroken.

    Idk. It's your choice. Do whatever you want, but be careful.

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    2011-03-20 10:14 PM
  5. Shady1213's Avatar
    The only way is to restore
    2011-03-27 04:42 AM
  6. thecartuner77's Avatar
    if there are any updates for apps, update em. that might help
    2011-03-27 07:19 PM
  7. Nickusaqw's Avatar
    So i dont really want to do all that do you guys have any other suggestions its not crashing quite as often now cause i have freed up 2.5 gigs but it still does...
    works on small motors pm for any questions
    2011-04-05 05:46 AM