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    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to give some feedback on 3rd party replacement itouch 4g displays. I recently dropped my itouch and cracked the touchscreen. So I went online to see what could be done. I saw that they sold replacement displays and there were a lot of "do it yourself" videos on youtube, so i thought that i could save a whole lot of money by just buying the damn replacement display and installing it myself. Online you see digitizers (touchscreens) sold separately from the displays. That's a con. The display is fused to the digitizer, so it's basically impossible to separate them. You have to buy the whole assembly. Luckily i did. When I received my display, it looked pretty good. Almost original, so i thought that everything was fine. I managed to open the device the way they described in the youtube videos (by heating it up with a hairdryer and prying it open). OK now the fun starts. In the videos they do not mention that the tape holding the display will not stick anymore. So when you close it back up it will not shut tightly. Also to remove the display flex cable you have to lift the motherboard slightly. The volume buttons have flex cables that can easily be cut by doing this. So does the front and back camera flex cable. My power button flex cable got nicked slightly during this procedure. There is also a metal plate above the motherboard that's glued to the motherboard itself, so you will also risk breaking something while attempting to separate them. After a couple of hours working on it, i managed to close up everything and start it up for some testing. Everything worked. Hooray. But wait. The display looks different than the original. There is less contrast in the picture and it has a slight yellowish glow everywhere. It works, but for the $80 i paid for the display, I expected more. So this was just a warning to everybody out there that would like to replace your itouch 4g display yourselves. Maybe it's not worth it. Go to a specialist or Apple.
    2011-05-06 06:55 AM