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    Good Afternoon All -

    I've had my iPad for a few months now. I while back, the back cover (only) got all scratched up, but was still working. Because of this, I replaced it with one I bought online that matched. If you've ever taken one apart before, you know that I had to replace the clips too.

    A couple of days ago, my iPad totally died for no reason. I'm still well within Apple's warranty period, but don't know what will happen due to the back being replaced for two reasons:

    Reason 1 - The text at the bottom of the back cover starting with "iPad" down to some symbols on the old cover were black. On the new one they are white.

    Reason 2 - In that small text, there is a Serial number. Obviously, the serial number on the back of my original cover is different than the new one. I cannot sync my iPad, but pulled up an info.plist from an iTunes backup and it matched my old cover.

    What should / can I do? Please give me any ideas you can think of.

    I do know someone that works there whop is very nice, but don't think I could tell him the situation.

    2011-05-24 10:56 PM