1. Sipod's Avatar
    My ipod is jailbroken and it has worked perfectly fine for quite a few months. Only recently, my springboard has been reorganising my apps into alphabetical order. There seems to be no one cause for this, and some things that have caused it are:
    installing apps from Cydia
    installing apps from Appstore.
    My iPod iOS is 4.1. How can I stop my apps from reorganising themselves? Its a huge pain because I have over 70 apps on my ipod.
    2011-07-03 05:02 PM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    That is NOT a common problem. Most likely you've installed a mod off of Cydia that does this for you. The concept sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't remember what mod it is.

    You should probably start by going into Settings, then scrolling down to your Cydia mod list and checking what options you have. If you can't solve it that way, go into Cydia and your manage screen, then read the description of the mods you have installed.
    2011-07-03 06:16 PM
  3. Sipod's Avatar
    I checked my settings, nothing there seemed to have been the cause of it. Could it be a bug/glitch that causes my SB to rearrange?
    2011-07-04 02:38 PM