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    All help is appreciated. I'm in some trouble. I hope I can fix this ASAP.

    I download and installed the Windows Phone 7 Theme for my iPod touch 4G through backboard. I also have a back up of the stock theme on backboard. While I was using the Windows Phone 7 theme I started to pin a few apps to the spring board and out of no where it quit on me as if the the spring board was rebooting, but it stayed stuck on the black screen with the little round circle in the middle of the screen for an hour. I just did a hard reset and after a minute it loaded to the lock screen and just a few seconds later I am back on the black screen with the little round circle in the middle. After about a minute it will go to the lock screen and then do the same thing over and over again. It will not let me access SBsettings, go into the spring board, go into safe mode, or anything. However, i can still access itunes and connect to the computer and do all of that.

    Is there someway I can delete the Windows Phone 7 theme or backboard and fix this without having to restore? SSH maybe? I can connect my iPod to the computer. I Don't know what to do. Can you please help me? Maybe I can contact the creator? Anything helps. And if there's anything I need to explain more just comment.

    2011-07-16 11:33 AM
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    I propose going into iPod iTouch, with "iFunbox". The only real program I use. Then click to var\stash\Themes, and remove the (Windows 7) theme. Also when a Dreamboard theme crashes I click an (Anywhere activated SBSettings) from black screen and open in safe mode. Even though I cannot enter Dreamboard, I can still can do alot . Here still I would delete through iFunbox on pc , the Dreamboard Theme that crashed. iFunbox var/mobile/Library/DreamBoard/ and (Name of Theme). Hope that helps.
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    2011-07-16 11:45 PM
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    Thank You Zlik for all your help! You helped solve my problem!

    So what I did was download and open iFunbox on my computer, but instead I went to var/mobile/library and deleted the folder, "OS7" and I let my iPod boot. It booted without the endless restart! Then when I slide to unlock the spring board was all black. I just opened SBsettings, clicked "more," then clicked "Mobile Substrate Addons," scrolled down until I saw "OS7," then I turned OS7 off, and then resprung. It booted perfectly and the spring board worked! Then I went to Backboard and deleted the OS7 theme. Now everything is back to normal. So this can be used as a guide for anyone who ran into this same problem with the OS7 theme.

    Thanks a lot Zlik!
    2011-07-17 07:03 AM