1. p3bguin911's Avatar
    Hi i just recently bought a used ipod touch 4g with warranty. The bottom right corner seems to have a slight dent not really noticeable but the front part of the screen(black part) hangs a little above the metal part to the point where you can see light coming out. Is that covered by Apple Warranty? Thanks
    2011-10-05 04:24 AM
  2. tektalk2day's Avatar
    um well im not sure but if you call apple and you speak with a supervisor they may say yes because when i purchased my ipod in may it had a crack so i called apple in may and they refused so i continued all month calling but i went away foor camp but when i came back i when to the party and the whole screen broke so i spoke with a supervisor and they made an exeption and replaced it for me
    2011-10-19 06:41 PM
  3. iPod's Avatar
    No, the warranty statement says it does not cover it, I'm sorry.

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    2011-11-07 10:50 PM