1. Hossinator96's Avatar
    Hello all, recently i dropped my ipod touch 4g and cracked the screen. So i ordered a new digitizer, but upon opening my ipod and trying to repair it, i accidentally tore the volume sleep/power ribbon cable. i have read that in order to repair this, u need to be able to solder. i have no idea how to do this, so anyone who has done this and knows how to do this or knows a company that can fix it, is welcome to provide me that service and i will pay you for fixing it! thank you.
    iPhone 4 gsm
    iPod Touch 4
    iPod Touch 2
    2011-10-28 12:33 AM
  2. raduga's Avatar
    You could give Cowboy a holler:


    He could probably put the digitizer back on for you, too.
    2011-10-28 01:46 AM