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    I've spent hours searching the web and trying different solutions. Can anybody please help me or confirm it's impossible to fix?

    My son had a perfectly working, unmodified iPod Touch 2G (MC revision I think). We bought him a newer 4G model and so the old 2G model went unused for a few months. When I tried to use the 2G, it wouldn't start up. My son said that he didn't try to jailbreak it, and I actually believe him. (He had me jailbreak his 4G.)

    Attempted fixes and symptoms:
    • Charged it overnight on a known good charger & cable.
    • Battery is OK because I can get a blank white screen.
    • I've tried rebooting many times (home & sleep) buttons. It won't boot. Black screen. No apple logo.
    • Turned off PC antivirus software for any communication with the iPod Touch.
    • I've put it into DFU mode (home & sleep button procedure) but get restore errors on iTunes. (See details below.)
    • I've attempted jailbreaks (Redsn0w, Greenpois0n, sn0wbreeze, etc.) many times, but it just won't boot up or jailbreak.
    • TinyUmbrella & iRecovery can communicate with it, but I can't do anything useful.

    If I use iRecovery and issue the standard sequence of recovery commands (see details below), after issuing the saveenv command, iRecovery responds:
    "nvram_save: no oldest bank previously saved, cannot continue".

    So I'm thinking that maybe the boot ROM or NVRAM (hardware or data contained therein) is corrupted or missing, but I have no idea how to restore it. (I'm an electronics engineer but not a developer so I can follow directions with some common sense, but that's about it.)

    Can anybody please help me get this thing restored?

    More boring details follow in case it helps.
    Whenever connecting to iTunes I get the following error:
    iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode. You must restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes.

    Initially when I restored via iTunes I got the following error:
    The iPod "iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occured (21).

    After trying to jailbreaking with Greenpois0n, I got the iTunes restoration error:
    The iPod "iPod" could not be restored. An unknown error occured (3194).

    Mostly the iPod Touch fails to do just about anything. Mostly it's either in a white or black screen.
    It seems to fail to boot. It seems to fail to jailbreak. Apparently Redsn0w won't work on the iTouch 2G version MC.

    If I try jailbreaking with Greenpois0n, it starts but then fails.
    (I've tried maybe 50 times.) The screen goes black and then flashes and then goes white. On a rare occassion, (perhaps after overnight cooling) the iPod touch will display the following but then it will hang and progress no further in the jailbreaking process:

    Unable to find gBdevList
    Unable to find fs_mount
    Unable to find fs_unmount
    Unable to find fs_load_file
    Greenpois0n initialized
    If I simply try to use iRecovery (irecovery.exe -s), iRecovery will report:
    "Got USB No iPhone/iPod found"
    But if I launch iRecovery (irecovery.exe -s) repeatedly while Greenpois0n is trying to jailbreak it, I can consistently get iRecovery to access the iTouch. And if I then immediately quit Greenpois0n, I can keep the iRecovery session going (otherwise iRecovery quickly terminates.)

    iRecovery reports the following upon connection.
    Got USB
    [FIL:INF] Found chip id 0x3294d798 on CS0

    [FIL:INF] Found chip id 0x3294d798 on CS1

    iBSS fro n72ap, Copyright 2010, Apple Inc.
    BUID_TAG: iBoot-931.71.16
    USB_SERIAL_NUMBER: CPID:8720 CPRV:13 CPFM: 03 SCEP: 04 BDID:00 ECID:000000B13A163D4C IBFL:00

    Entering recovery mode, starting command prompt
    (Recovery) iPhone$
    I try to invoke the following commands that everyone on the web says to use:
    setenv auto-boot true
    But upon issuing the "saveenv" command iRecovery responds:
    "nvram_save: no oldest bank previously saved, cannot continue".
    Then when I issue reboot, nothing useful happens.

    It seems that maybe the NVRAM or boot ROM is broken or corrupted. I'm wondering if I could use iRecovery or something to restore the NVRAM or a boot image or something?

    Somebody else who had this problem reported that unsoldering didn't help, so I won't bother trying that.

    As a side note, I can communicate with the iPod touch using iTunes with with either a WinXP PC or a a Vista PC, but I can only communicate via Greenpois0n using a WinXP PC.
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    WOAHWOAHWOAH. Just noticed error 21. I'm not sure, but I keep encountering this error on my iPod Touch 4g.
    2012-05-04 03:56 AM