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  1. Andrewc181's Avatar
    Hi All,

    Last year during a work trip I hired a car, in the pockets behind the seats I found an Ipod touch. As most people would have done i handed it back in to the hire car company and they took my details and told me that they would contact the previous hirer. I received a package the other day from the hire car company with the ipod touch, no one had claimed it nor did the previous hirer own one. Because it hadnt been collected within a year thay sent me a letter staing that i coulod have it.
    Well i think its onjly good for a paper weight the way it is, i have looked on the net and the instructions for getting it to recover or reset dont work as it keeps picking upo that its someone elses ipod,

    Does anyone know if there is a way to do it or should i just throw it in the bin?

    cheers in advance
    2012-04-09 03:13 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    Put it in recovery or DFU mode and restore it in iTunes. That is the only way around the disabled screen.
    2012-04-09 03:16 AM