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  1. coty9090's Avatar
    I have my email set in the settings, but when i go into the App Store and need to confirm a download, it shows an email i've never seen before, and i've tried logging out/in but the confirmation email popup stays the same. Is there a way to change it without needing to reset and redownload everything?
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    2012-04-09 12:53 PM
  2. H4CK3R's Avatar
    You just go in Settings and under AppStore sign in to your Apple ID. I know you already tried this but try again, it may just work this time.
    2012-04-09 03:12 PM
  3. coty9090's Avatar
    0.o i tried, and it did work when i dl the first update, but when i went to update my second app, it changed to the different email again that isn't mine... but to get it to go to mine, i need to sign out, and restart my ipod every time i need to update an app.
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    2012-04-09 10:13 PM
  4. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Odd... Are you jailbroken?
    2012-04-09 10:20 PM
  5. 2k1's Avatar
    Did ya authorize it to that computer after ya did that?
    2012-04-09 10:36 PM
  6. coty9090's Avatar
    it is jailbroken, and authorized for this pc.
    2012-04-10 03:36 AM
  7. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Perhaps did you buy this iPhone from someone already jailbroken?
    By singing out of the App Store and then signing back in Settings, then Authorize again and sync with iTunes and see if that will cure it.
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    2012-04-10 03:43 AM
  8. 2k1's Avatar
    Had this problem with my wife's phone but we both connected to same pc. Think we got it fixed now. But no biggie it all comes out my account
    But authorizing mine and hers fixed it.
    2012-04-10 04:48 AM
  9. awesomeman123's Avatar
    try going to top 25 scroll to the bottom where it shows the apple id click it sign out go back there and sign in with yours then update all.
    2012-04-11 12:15 AM