1. drkoskr's Avatar
    After uninstall and reinstall mobilesubstrate my ipod not being recognized in iTunes, not in PC, not in DFU or REcovery Mode.... the battery charging logo doesn´t appear when is plugged... i tried in other computer with other cable and still not work... but when i put "Erase all content and Settings" the charging alert sounds! NEED HELP! i want to restore it!
    ~iOS 5.0.1 - redsn0w b5~ Thanks!!!!
    2012-04-10 01:59 AM
  2. awesomeman123's Avatar
    Are You On Windows? and is The ipod itself is working?
    2012-04-10 02:00 AM
  3. drkoskr's Avatar
    Yes, i'm windows 7 and the iPod Works...
    2012-04-10 02:03 AM
  4. awesomeman123's Avatar
    if you have everything backed up you can restore using your itouch but i guess your not backed up.
    2012-04-10 02:14 AM
  5. drkoskr's Avatar
    I have almost everything backed up... music, photos, contacts.... no problem with the internal files? How i do the restore?
    2012-04-10 02:19 AM
  6. awesomeman123's Avatar
    IDK if it takes care of jb but if you settings general reset it usuallly takes care of stuff but if u need to connect to a laptop id say try putting it in a different port it actually sometimes works also try re installing itunes and do powned dfu (Itunes wont do a pop up you have to click itunes and it says it needs to be restored.
    2012-04-10 11:51 PM