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    I recently upgraded my ipod into the newest IOS 5.1.1. system but some problems turn up in process and I have to restore my ipod. However Ithis make me lost all my photos in the camera roll that mean so much to me and I am very upset by now. Is there anyway to get back those photos?

    Before I upgraded my ipod I sync my ipod into the computer and did a backup but the backup seems that backup did not backup my pictures, would it still be possible to get back my photos?

    Thank you very much!!!
    2012-06-04 02:12 PM
  2. iPod's Avatar
    Try restoring to a previous backup where all your photos were backed up

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    2012-06-06 03:11 AM
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    Perhaps taking a look at this post on Reddit might help you get this problem addressed.
    Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone : apple
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    2016-11-22 09:39 AM