1. Zak325's Avatar
    I walked into the pool with my iTouch in my pocket a week or so back. It was in my pocket maybe 3 minutes before I realized it. I quickly put it into rice for a week or so. Now, if i plug it into itunes, i have to put it into restore mode. It will ask me to restore, i will say yes and then it gives me a different error everytime. Is it permanently damaged even though iTunes recognizes it? Do I need a new screen because the apple logo doesnt come up even though it is in recovery mode?
    2012-06-25 10:45 PM
  2. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Sounds like you messed it up pretty bad...... Surprised the thing even boots. But the rice idea was clever, always works for me. What errors is it throwing at you? I bet most of them are hardware related if I'm not mistaken. I would try this, and if it doesn't work (especially since you don't even see the Apple logo in recovery) I'd say it's wrecked. https://discussions.apple.com/thread...art=0&tstart=0
    2012-06-26 02:31 PM
  3. Zak325's Avatar
    yeah, good idea. still errors though. 2005,1602... stuff like that
    2012-06-28 01:20 AM
  4. H4CK3R's Avatar
    1602 has to do with an iTunes issue, same with error 2005. It could also be a hardware though depending what other errors you're getting. Try completely removing ALL traces of iTunes and then reinstalling the latest version. If that doesn't work, I'd say you wrecked the thing.
    2012-06-28 02:47 AM
  5. Zak325's Avatar
    alright, ill try that. thank you for the info
    2012-06-29 07:11 PM
  6. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Good luck
    2012-06-29 07:16 PM
  7. Zak325's Avatar
    error 1602 still. oh well. is it worth it to send it to a water repair service? or just for me to save up 650 for virgin mobile iphone
    2012-06-30 03:35 AM
  8. H4CK3R's Avatar
    It'd probably be a better idea to just save up for it. It would cost a hundred dollars or so, and that would be for an older device. I'd rather just get a new one which would be a newer generation and everything.

    I have one last thing I think would be trying before I say you ruined the thing, try a different computer. It can make a difference sometimes. If that doesn't work, your device is dead.
    2012-06-30 02:09 PM
  9. i.Annie's Avatar
    Sit it in isopropyl alcohol to clean out all that residue from the water. Preferably as close to 100% iso alcohol as possible, nothing under 95%. Fixed up my phone just fine this way. It's highly suggested to take the screen off if you know how, and clean it manually with the iso alcohol. Put it in the iso alcohol for about 30 minutes to an hour, sit it in rice for a couple days, see if it clears up better.

    edit: the sooner you do it the better. Corrosion may begin to occur the longer you wait.
    2012-06-30 08:32 PM
  10. HitokiriKenRyu's Avatar
    alcohol will only make things worse. i refuse to believe you fixed any kind electronic by submerging it in alcohol!
    2012-07-01 03:49 PM
  11. i.Annie's Avatar
    If you search the Internet and do some research you'll find it does no harm to electrical devices. People use it to clean out water residue. You don't have to do it if you don't like the idea, but don't dismiss it as incorrect when you haven't learned the facts.

    Iso alcohol in near pure form does not conduct electricity and thus does not further harm the device.
    2012-07-01 06:05 PM