1. th4nd0r's Avatar
    Helly Everyone,

    I have an iPod Touch 4 with the custom 4.1 Software frome iFaith.
    So today my iPod Touch died, i dont know what happened. After i go to Facebook, my iPod Touch get rebootet.
    So i got stuck in the Recovery Loop, i can not Exit it with Tinyumbrella or iReb.

    So my Problem is, there are 500 Pictures on it, and i want dont to reflash my iPod. I dont have an Backup on my PC

    Is there any chance to get there pictures? Or is there possibility to read the nand..? Is there an Repair-Shop that fixx it?
    i would give much money if they is an succes.. because this is really important

    i have hear something abaout Custom Recovery custom recovery ram? is this an solution?
    2012-07-25 03:01 PM
  2. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Put the phone into DFU mode and then try getting out of it by holding the home and power button at the SAME time for 15 seconds (or until the Apple logo appears) See if it works.

    Also to mention, always back your content up. You never know what can happen, issues like this are unpredictable.
    2012-07-25 04:36 PM