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    Hey guys,

    Hope someone has seen this before. I just finished a screen replacement on an iPod Touch 4G. Everything went well until I turned it back on. It is just stuck on the Apple logo. It get recognized by the computer and I can see the Pictures folder under My Computer (Windows 7). iTunes also recognizes it but if I try to click on it iTunes freezes. I can navigate everything on the iPod using iFunBox.

    Here's what I can tell you about the iPod:
    iOS 5.1.1
    Not sure if it was jailbroken but I would have to say no

    Another odd thing I noticed is that after being on the Apple logo for awhile (not sure how long, 5-10 minutes) it will go to a white screen and then turn off and back on again. There was no water damage or anything and I am pretty meticulous when I repair these.

    Any thoughts? I've never seen this happen before. Let me know if you need anymore info.


    UPDATE: Well after driving myself crazy for 24 hours the customer finally came in to pick up his iPod and I had to give him the grim news. I did the deed and he was cool about because he had to plug it in to his computer to boot it up again. The whole dang time it wouldn't boot was because he was running a tethered JB on 5.1.1.
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    i have the same issue except i am not running a tethered jailbreak... i have a normal jailbreak. any thoughts? any way to fix? I'm willing to restore
    2014-03-14 12:06 AM