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    This guide teaches you how to take apart an iPod 4th Gen.

    Supplies you will need:

    • Small Phillips screwdriver
    • Small Flat head screwdriver
    • Case opener tool
    • Suction Cup
    • Heat Gun/Hair Dryer (not necessary but boy does it help)

    I also recommend having a nice clean and clear work space. It's a good idea to lay the screws and parts out as you pull them to keep them in order and make sure you don't forget or lose anything when putting the iPod back together.

    Please remember before doing any work on the iPod to back it up and then power it off!

    First thing first find your self a broken iPod no need to take apart a perfectly good one!

    Now that you have your broken iPod lets start by taking the screen off.(This is where the heat gun comes in handy) If you dont have one you just have to work on a corner of the iPod at a time and using your pry tool to get under the glass. If you have the heat gun, heat the front of the screen. Then what I like to do is after its heated up and the glue is melted, I take the suction cup and place towards the bottom and pull up. I also take my pry tool and help the screen along to cut the glue underneath. You do need to be careful because the screen is connected by a flex ribbon cable that is under the logic board which we will worry about a little later!

    Now that you have cracked that bad boy open lets move forward. With your phillips screwdriver remove the bottom 3 screws!

    You we now see another 5 phillips screws golding the mid-plate into place remove those now.

    Remove the camera bracket.

    Now for the fun part removing the mid-plate. This can be a bit tricky there is alot that can go wrong so go slow and be careful where you put your pry tool. This is where I find is the best place to start.

    Bottom left

    Middle Left (Be extremely careful can not stress that enough a lot can go wrong here and then you will have a $300 paper weight!)

    Now lets actually remove the mid-plate. If done right it should just pop right up.

    There will be a cooper sticker connected to the mid-frame carefully pull it up, you will need to use the sticker again.

    Success!!!! You did it you removed the mid-frame!

    There is now 2 lovely phillips screws that need to be removed up top!

    Now lets gently pop up the rear facing camera. (Finger nail works nicely here)

    RED ALERT Processed with extreme caution! We are now going to pry up the logic board just a bit. This logic board is flimsy and quite easy to mess up dont recommend for the faint of heart! Also just for clarification we are not looking at removing the logic board just trying to pop it up a bit!

    Now that you have the logic board popped up a bit remove the copper tape (try not to rip or damage the tape you will need it again when installing the new screen) and pull the digitizer cable away from the logic board!

    You have now completely removed the glass digitizer and lcd display from the iPod you are almost done!

    There is a couple of pieces off the old display that you will need to transfer to the new one. One being the metal bracket on the top back side of the digitizer. I recommend using the heat gun here and using the pry tool to lift it up doing your best not to bend it!

    The other being the home button assembly which you should simply be able to pry up.

    You have now completely taken apart your iPod touch. Special thanks to member iRevival for sending in me the great pics!

    Guys I do not recommend this for anyone trying to do this themselves! Take it to a professional. There is a lot to go wrong and its stupidly hard to get the new screen to sit back flush. Take it from iRevival or myself who do this stuff for a living this is not an easy repair and I know we both dread seeing them in are hands.

    If you do decide to tackle this task and run into a bump in the road fill free to contact me if necessary I will do my best to answer any questions
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    Another good write up with pics thank you
    2013-01-13 06:30 PM
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    The dreaded iPod touch 4G lol. Too much for me
    2013-01-13 07:40 PM
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    Wonderful write up! I especially like the disclaimer at the bottom. Glad you put the pics to good use.
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    Don't forget about that sim tray lever!
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