1. hustlenomic's Avatar
    So i replaced my screen the other day and it worked fine. When i went to go put it back together, i couldnt get the screen onto the casing. then wires in the front kept falling out of the port so i just kept putting it in. After a few times the screen went white and i cannot get it to work anymore. I unsoldered the battery and re soldered it to restart it. My power button does not work so it makes it hard. Anyone have any suggestions? i also tried to resotre it back to 5.1.1 with tinyumbrella but im getting error -1 on itunes, and i dont know what that is.
    btw, i threw my old screen out when i got this new one so i dont have it anymore
    2013-03-27 12:34 AM
  2. feysofit's Avatar
    So, what generation of iPod touch do you have? 3th or 4th ?
    Making my way through...
    2013-04-14 05:16 AM