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    So today after getting many negative comments about my font, I decided to change it. So I boot up Bytafont and after 30mib of searching, I decided to go with the "action man font". Well I download it and it installs, then my iPod suddenly reboots. I didn't think much of it so I get back to my work, and look back 20 min later and it's still booting, so I start to wonder what's going on, I hold the power and home button to manually reboot the iPod, but no luck, then I try to go into safe mode but nothing. I look online and come across a forum post which a guy had the same problem, and the solution was to ssh and erase the system/libraries/fonts folder, and replace it with the original iPod font found in the bytafont folder, so I ssh, and replace the fonts, and it worked! My iPod reboots and I'm happy again, then I go onto Cydia and try to delete bytafont to prevent it from happening again, we'll as soon as I go into the byta font package, Cydia suddenly crashes, and I go again and it crashes. ....so I start to go into other apps and they start crashing as well...I realized I ****** up big time, however I remember a post from a while back about a tweak that can remove all your tweaks at once called iLeXRAT. So I download the repo, and download the tweak, and run it. It worked smoothly, a fresh jail broken iPod...so I go to Cydia but the problem didn't go away....My apps crash at random times. Youtube when queuing up a video, cydia when trying to load a package. ect.

    Here's a crash report

    Crash Report 5/4/2013 - Pastebin.com
    2013-05-04 10:49 AM